Over 2.1 million PlayStation 4’s have been sold worldwide


Microsoft and Sony have been going back and forth in the console war. Sony revealed that it had sold over a million PlayStation 4 units during its U.S. launch day. Microsoft then announced that it sold over a million Xbox One units during its launch day globally. It was then reported that the Xbox One was outselling the PS4 on Black Friday at Walmart and Target in America. But it was also on that day that Sony was ready to launch the PS4 worldwide in Europe and Latin America.

Sony has just announced that it has sold over 2.1 million PlayStation 4 consoles worldwide. We can see how some Europeans *cough* Germans *cough* were very excited about the launch.

One of the likely reasons that the PS4 lost to the Xbox One during Black Friday at Walmart and Target was that Sony was allocating fresh new consoles to the global market.

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