Update on the Witchblade and Darkness movie


Top Cow has created a name for two of their comic book series with Witchblade and The Darkness. Witchblade already has a live-action TV series and anime under its belt. The Darkness had two enjoyable and dark video games created from 2K Games. Now we have news about the movie projects for both characters. Marc Silvestri, the co-creator of The Darkness and Witchblade, was asked by Unleash the Fanboy what the status is on the movie project.

“We are working on those actively right now,” said Silvestri. “We’re partnered with Len Wiseman on The Darkness film. It’s over at New Regency, which is on the Family TiesFox lot. We’ve gotten one draft of the script and we’re working on that right now. It’s going to happen. Witchblade is in the Darkness film. Originally she was going to be in there as an easter egg for the fans, who would know: Hey, that’s Sara Pezzini, that’s the Witchblade.”

Witchblade follows Sara Pezzini, a cop who discovers a historical gauntlet that gives the wearer supernatural powers. The Darkness follows Jackie Estacado, a mafia hitman who finds out he has superhuman dark-related powers on his 21st birthday.

As the filmmakers worked on the story for The Darkness movie, it made more sense to give Sara a more prominent role.

“As we were going along, it just made more and more sense storywise to have Witchblade in there. I’m not going to spoil too much more, but it makes perfect sense. First we were kind of worried, how do you, two origins, but it started to come together. It started to make more and more sense. We’re excited about that, that’s a big project that we’re working on right now.”

Silvestri then talks about his excitement in having director Len Wiseman attached to the project.

“The more we went along with the story, and the great thing is, the studio supports this. Len loves this, which is great because Len loves The Darkness, and that’s what you want on your team. He knows more about The Darkness than I do. He’ll say, oh, Len Wiseman in Action remember when this happened in this issue, and I’ll go, ooooh, why yes, I do. He’s awesome, his enthusiasm is awesome. Obviously, he’s this talented director, so we’re really excited to have him in there.”

Personally, I’m not a fan of Len Wiseman’s films, especially the recent Total Recall remake. Here’s hoping he can prove me wrong with this project.

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