MuseMini UberBuds Review

MuseMini has been around since 2010 and has created a variety of sound products that can be utilized with any piece of tech as long as it has Bluetooth technology. The product that I’ll be reviewing today are the MuseMini UberBuds. If you don’t know what these are, then you’re in for a treat. These are top-of-the-line headsets used for outdoors and it really delivers; especially in the audio.


Look at the pretty corners! Oh my….

The Packaging

Nothing really special about the outside packaging. It’s pretty straight forward and shows exactly what you’re going to get. It was fairly easy to open as well, with no hard plastics to cut or tear through. It opened directly from the top had all its accessories in a nice little case ready to go.


Cleanly opened!

The Accessories

The round carry case is able to hold all the accessories needed for your UberBuds. It came with UberStays (ear stabilizers) and different earbud tips which you can change out according to the fit of your ear hole. It also comes with a USB charger that brilliantly attaches to the right ear piece along with an easy to follow instruction guide. (Seriously, whoever came up with that charging design apparatus is a genius; you have to see it.)


Pic courtesy of MuseMini and UberBuds product.

UberBuds Outer/Inner Functionality 

At first, the design of the UberBuds seemed a little strange to me. It looked like the ear pieces were elongated and I seriously wondered if they would even stay in my ears while I exercised. Surprisingly, they did stay in; in fact they stayed in quite comfortably. I usually run about 4 miles every other day, and the headset never fell out of my ears once (I didn’t even have to use the stabilizer/UberStays for my ears). Another cool tidbit about the design is the color. It comes in black yellow, black and white, red and white, and yellow and blue. Just like the pic up top, the variety of colors gives it that ultra modern look and feel. However, the BEST part about the design is that it doesn’t physically attach to any device. You can wear it around your neck and it will never tangle. As long as you have Bluetooh capability on whatever product you have, you are able to pair it immediately with the headphones. I literally pulled out the UberBuds, turned it on, and paired it with my phone with no hassle. Also the pairing range is about 30 feet give or take.

Trademarked, these UberBuds are set with UberTöne giving you the best sound quality to come out of a Bluetooth 4.0 headset. If you purchase these headphones and are amazed by the sound quality, you better thank their sound engineering team for that. The sound I experienced was crisp and clear. It didn’t produce any feedback or distortions, unlike some of the other Bluetooth speakers I’ve used in the past.

The final part about the UberBuds is the MFB, or as MuseMini calls it, the Multi-Functions Button. Basically it’s the power button, and it has varied functions on how long you hold the button down, along with pressing the volume up (+) button. You can pretty much do everything related to calling such as outbound, inbound, transferring, muting, voice dialing, and rejecting calls. You can do ALL of this without even having to pull your phone out of your pocket or bag. It literally defines the meaning of a hands-free device.

Final Reaction

If you’re looking to invest in a new headset that can pretty much do everything for you, then the UberBuds are highly recommended in my book. I forgot to add this earlier, but not only are the UberBuds sturdy, they are also water resistant. During my workouts, I sweated on them a little bit, and they still function great. In addition, the headset has about an 8-hour battery life span before you have to charge it again. As I said, they are an investment since it has a lot of awesome features; they are priced at $129.99 USD. However after purchasing these, you probably won’t have to buy another hands-free headset in a long time.


Grade: A+


(As per


-UberTöne Bluetooth 4.0 Sound Quality

-UberStays Adjustable Earpieces

-Li-Ion Battery and BudClip

-UberGTM (Group Telephone Meetings)

-SignalROM (Range Of Motion)

-UberBag (Carry Case)

-Lifetime Warranty






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