Glen’s review of Thor: The Dark World: A McMovie for the Masses

The good news for Marvel fans is that there’s no end in sight for the company’s movie releases. Within the next couple years you’ll see Captain America: The Winter Soldier,

Tommo Mobile to release SEGA-themed accessories

Sega was an iconic company that gave Nintendo a run for its money back in the ’90s. It was responsible for a few iconic characters like Sonic the Hedgehog. For

The ‘PULP-O-MIZER’ lets you create SCI-FI covers from the age of radio

If you find yourself in need of a retro-futuristic diversion, the fine people at Thrilling Tales of the Downright Unusual have you covered. The main site is a hub for author

CosCast #78: BlizzCon, PMX Expo and Cosplay

Download | Subscribe to RSS | Previous Episodes Welcome to episode 78 of the podcast. This is the CosCast, and in this episode, we discuss cosplay for BlizzCon and PMX Expo. I’m

Xbox One TV ad will turn boyfriends into slaves

Check out the latest ads for Microsoft’s Xbox One. The first video contains two TV ads. The first ad features a girlfriend playing the new Dead Rising game and commanding

To Catch a Con Perv: A Nerd Reactor Investigation (Comikaze Expo 2013)

We recently attended Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles, CA, and we wanted to do a segment to talk about the rising concern of pervs and creepers at conventions (and to

Videogame BANG! Quickie #1: Genese Davis

Greetings Internet! If you listen to the show you know that we release our full episodes once a week here on If you want more Videogame BANG! you’re in luck,

Kevin Smith has seen the new Batman suit for Ben Affleck

We recently covered the possibilities of Wonder Woman and Nightwing being in the upcoming Superman vs. Batman film by director Zack Snyder. With official news of Ben Affleck starring as

LEGO SPACE: Building the Future (Book Review)

As a child, I loved to build things with LEGOs (until I stepped on one; then I hated those little bastards). Even as an adult, if you put LEGOs in

Official PlayStation 4 unboxing video is here

When we say it’s the official PlayStation 4 unboxing video, we do mean official. It even has Shuhei Yoshida, PlayStation’s head honcho doing the unboxing. It’s a weird way to

Heroes of the Storm – What you need to know! (BlizzCon 2013)

So what do you need to know about Heroes of the Storm? Heroes of the Storm is different. It is one of the first MOBAs that really emphasized teamplay rather

Target and Amazon offering buy two, get one free

If you are looking to your library of games, Black Friday is always a great time to get new games at a good price. If you can’t wait that long,

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls – Adventure Mode first look

It sounds like Blizzard has really been paying attention since the release of Diablo 3. Reaper of Souls, in my opinion, is really shaping up to be a solid expansion

DW 50th: Extended Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor trailer!

With the regular trailer being released recently, BBC has released an extended trailer that the industry folk (and SDCC) got to see – packed with more David Tennant. Yes. He

Hearthstone – What’s next? (BlizzCon 2013)

“We weren’t actually sure it would work, but thought it was pretty cool.” While I can’t say who this quote is by, I can assure you that this was one

DW 50th: Behind the scenes of The Day of the Doctor!

Courtesy of Doctor Who 24/7’s Twitter page, we have behind the scenes images from Doctor Who’s The Day of the Doctor. These are great detailed shots from behind the scenes.

DW 50th: Breakdown of the first The Day of the Doctor trailer

When I mean first, I mean the first trailer that the BBC released. There will be another trailer (an industry trailer) that will be released later today. We did a

DW 50th: The Day of the Doctor trailer is here!

It’s finally here! Only the people at SDCC have seen an exclusive trailer, as well as the BBC crew, but now everyone can see it… two weeks before it airs!

Videogame tribute band, Critical Hit, performs Metal Gear, Zelda, Halo, Final Fantasy and more

If you’re a big fan of video game music, I recommend checking out a band called Critical Hit. They play music from popular video games such as World of Warcraft,

Awkward Conversations #65: Marvel vs. DC

Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS Epicness knows no bounds. Would Iron Man win against Batman? Thor or Superman? Awkward Conversations gives consideration to the age-old debate: who wins in a battle, Marvel or