Videogame BANG! #7: Thanksgiving, Next Gen Console Woes

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What’s up, Turkeys?!

If the Videogame BANG! team was a Thanksgiving dinner, we would have all the fixings this week! I am the turkey of the group, Cory Vincent, and as always I am joined by the gravy, Aaron Carter! On our panel this week is fan favorite, the yams, Steven Guttierez. Also joining us is the cranberry sauce, Marc Griffin.

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone and thanks for tuning into this very special episode of Videogame BANG! It seems like we are transitioning from ‘Console Wars’ to ‘Console Woes’, am I right? The team has had more time to get more intimate with their next generation gaming console devices! We talk about the ups and downs to both systems and many a few of the major launch titles.

Both Microsoft and Sony have seen a small percentage of factory defects and we talk about how each company is handling this set back and ultimately who is taking better care of their customers. The team also discusses the developing story of the dirt bag who allegedly stripped his unconscious wife naked live on Twitch.

After the break we give VGB listener Isaac a chance to steal the crown and break Aaron’s undefeated trivia streak. Without spoilers I can tell you that this one is the closest match we have ever had on the show, and many will say it ends in controversy!!

This is one you don’t want to miss, stay tuned for all this and more on this weeeeeeeeeks.. Videogame BANG!!

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