Is Shenmue III finally happening? Sega files trademark


Update: So it looks like it’s fake. The trademark doesn’t have the applicable reference number.

Shenmue is one of those video games with a grand adventure that reminds me of The Lord of the Rings, and like The Lord of the Rings, the adventure didn’t stop at just one book, game or movie. Our hero, Ryo, is on a journey to find his dad’s killer, Lan Di, as he travels all over Japan and China for answers. Sadly, the series had a very high budget, and Sega deemed it not profitable enough to warrant a third game. Fans were left wondering if Ryo would ever find his dad’s killer ever since Shenmue II ended (it came out in 2001).

However, things may take a different turn. According to, Sega has filed a trademark for Shenmue III on November 25, 2013 via The Trade Marks and Designs Registrations Office of the European Union. The trademark protects it for use with video games, apps, graphics, music and etc. Let’s hope Sega pushes forward with this.

Shenmue was one of the first games to truly immerse you into the world of doing mundane things like eating, working, and collecting toys. The 3rd-person action adventure game not only has beat-em-up action, but it also made you feel like you were in a living and breathing world thanks to the NPC characters, stores you can enter and shop at, and many other activities including playing at the arcades, arm wrestling, drinking out of a vending machine and etc. Everything that our main character does in the game has an animation for it.

And here’s Mega64 poking fun of the game.

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