CosCast #80: WindoftheStars Cosplay and Borderlands

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Hi and welcome to episode 80 of the CosCast. A ton of things happened in the cosplay community this weekend. Long Beach Comic Con just happened, and I’m excited to see some new costumes to come out of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary. I also did some work with L200 foam for the very first time, thanks to WM Armory’s tutorial. There was a t-shirt at Hot Topic about the definition of cosplay, and it doesn’t seem like the store knows what the word definition actually means.

For the actual episode, we’ll be talking about none of these, because we have special guest WindoftheStars Cosplay. We recorded this live during Long Beach Comic Con. We’re both fans of Borderlands, so expect to hear a lot about the video game. Also, check out the WindoftheStars Cosplay store.

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Windofthestars Aela cosplay by Anna Fischer
Photo by Anna Fischer

Windofthestars Cammy by Oscar Cwajbaum
Photo by Oscar Cwajbaum

Windofthestars Lilith by Edgar
Photo by Edgar

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