DW 50th: The Day of the Doctor Review


*WARNING: Contains spoilers*

Steven Moffat and his team have really outdone themselves for the 50th Anniversary episode. Not only did we get to see David Tennant return as the 10th Doctor, we got to see his marriage to Queen Elizabeth I, as well as the return of another Doctor – sort of.  I’m going to do a quick recap. Then I will review it!


We see the beginning with Clara as a school teacher (big change from nanny) but still has time (it’s a time machine, duh) for her adventures with the Doctor. They are taken by UNIT and carried to the National Gallery to investigate 3D Gallifreyan paintings that have been broken out of (yes, the paintings broke out of the painting).

Then we see the 10th Doctor (in Queen Elizabeth’s era) battling Zygons and dealing with Queen Elizabeth I. He proposes to her and she says yes but is copied by the Zygon. It becomes this running joke that 10 made out with a Zygon.


With John Hurt’s story as he takes the weapon of mass destruction – “The Moment” and prepares to activate it. The Moment has a conscious in the form of Bad Wolf’s Rose Tyler. She opens portals for him to see his future selves (after he destroys Gallifrey) – 10th and 11th Doctor.

doctor who

So the portals open between the three of them and we see John Hurt’s War Doctor, 10 and 11 together surrounded by Queen Elizabeth’s soldiers and taken to the Tower of London. We see all three interact and it’s quite funny how Hurt makes fun of the two.

Meanwhile, Zygons were the ones who escaped from the paintings and have taken over of UNIT. We see him take over Kate Brigader-Stewart, a young scientist named Osgood who is obsessed with the Doctor (who we may see again because they mentioned her having a pretty sister and I don’t know if that makes us wonder who the sister is), and another scientist. They try to get a hold of Captain Jack Harkness’ time vortex manipulator but Clara gets it first and travels to the Doctors.

doctor who

We finally see the plot with the Zygons, they enter the 3D paintings during Elizabeth’s time (to break out in the future). The Doctors go into 10’s TARDIS (right after he marries Queen Elizabeth) and the TARDIS changes the console due to three Doctors being in the TARDIS but they cannot get into UNIT’s building. So they jump into a 3D painting and jump back out into UNIT’s office. It’s less complicated than it sounds. Then we see 10 and 11 lead the negotiations between the Zygons and UNIT. Done.

John Hurt’s Doctor has seen his future and is satisfied with how the Doctors turned out and goes back to finish the job. The 10th and 11th Doctor follows him (they were able to go to that time period – even though it’s time locked) and they decide to push the button together. Til Clara was able to change 11th’s mind and they come up with an idea to freeze Gallifrey into a painting and fight against the Daleks.

This is the cool part… we see all the Doctors (including Hurt)… and PETER CAPALDI’S DOCTOR –  working together. They used clips from all the Doctors and it was just a beautiful moment. They were able to freeze Gallifrey in time – preventing the deaths of Gallifreyans.


Then we see the Doctors back in the National Gallery saying their goodbyes because they will not remember this moment. Hurt leaves and regenerates in his TARDIS as the 9th Doctor – we don’t see Eccleston, but great FX effects. Tennant says his famous line as he leaves in the TARDIS, “I don’t want to go.” *tear jerker*

doctor who2

We see the 11th Doctor in the gallery looking at the Gallifreyan painting that has two names, “Gallifrey Falls” and “No More”. The curator comes out – and it’s TOM “the 4th Doctor” BAKER!!! He isn’t playing the Doctor but man, he has the mannerisms and he explains to the Doctor, the painting is called “Gallifrey Falls No More”. Gallifrey has been saved. Now the Doctor’s task is to FIND Gallifrey.



Seriously, amazing. The only thing that could had made it better, was if they included the 9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston). Of course, Eccleston did not want to be part of the 50th, which is a shame. But it was still an amazing episode.

romanaNow, the Doctor’s new goal/task is to find Gallifrey! Moffat must had really thought about what to write for new storylines. With this, it is endless! Maybe we can see Romana or the Corsair again! So many stories to write about. He is no longer alone! I cannot wait to see what this new cannon brings to life.

The interactions between the Doctors were great. Their comedy really reflected off each other. John Hurt was very good at portraying the old grumpy Time Lord who became annoyed with the other two Doctor’s quirky personalities. We could see the chemistry between Tennant, Smith and Hurt.

I wished I had more of Billie Piper. I know it wasn’t Rose Tyler, but the look on 10’s face when Hurt thanked “Bad Wolf girl”. It wasn’t mentioned afterward… AND SHE WAS RIGHT BEHIND HIM. But I know, it was just “the Moment” taking Rose’s form, but still hurts.


The best part, I think everyone would agree, was when all the Doctors came together to freeze Gallifrey. The power of all 13. Yes, we see Peter Capaldi’s face. I screamed during this part. The clips from each Doctor was brilliant.

Now, the question everyone has been asking me… since John Hurt did not destroy Gallifrey, does that make him the 9th Doctor and then everyone moves up. According to Steven Moffat, everything is left the same way. He explains to BBC, “I’ve been really, really quite careful about the numbering of the Doctors. He’s very specific, the John Hurt Doctor, that he doesn’t take the name of the Doctor. He doesn’t call himself that. He’s the same Time Lord, the same being as the Doctors either side of him, but he’s the one who says, ‘I’m not the Doctor.’ So the Eleventh Doctor is still the Eleventh Doctor, the Tenth Doctor is still the Tenth…”

So… yeah. It’s pretty confusing, but in the end, who cares? It was a great episode and a great opening for the next season.

I loved it. What did you think?

Grade: A+


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