Call of Duty: Ghosts – Starting the Clan Wars

Admit it - you all felt the same.

Admit it – you all felt the same.

Gather your friends and shootin’ buddies, because it’s official; the clan wars part of Ghosts will begin this upcoming Monday on November 25, 2013!

One of the guys over at One-Of-Swords has written an extensive article on just about everything regarding the Clan Wars. But for those of you just wanting the juicy bits, here’s what you need/want to know:

  • XP is global, but you get more if you play
  • Matchmaking is based on skill+time played, because you know, the guy who works 40+ hours a week can’t play as much as the kid living in his parents’ basement.
  • If you join a clan that has gear you don’t have yet, you have to earn it.
  • If you leave a clan, gear you’ve collected stays with you
  • Patches are clan owned
  • First come, first served: If you miss out on a War and it’s spoils, too bad, no re-issues.


That last addendum brings up an issue with me; sometimes people have busy schedules. Thankfully, they recognized that with the matchmaking system, but what if you and your clan mates really have no time to play? Still, the argument of “Why make a clan if you can’t/don’t play?” could be made.

All in all though there’s excitement building all around this, so we’ll see how all this war breaks out on Monday.

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