A night at Queen Mary’s Chill


Queen Mary has long been a history monument in the heart of Long Beach, CA, and it is known for many things, including Dark Harbor. Soon it will be known for its Christmas holiday event known as Chill. This is the second annual event, a Christmas-themed and snow-filled winter wonderland that even Mr. Freeze would be proud of.


In the part of Los Angeles county that is known for its palm trees, hot summers and warm winters, it was a vastly different experience here in the world of Chill. When you first walk in you’ll notice the immediate Christmas/Candyland-style large decorations that fill the lawn, bringing opportune moments to take pictures with your family or date. That was actually one of my biggest concerns, would this be an experience targeted only for families? I quickly forgot about that as I fell into a nostalgic state of childhood feeling as if I was in all the Christmas films from my early years.

With the theme following the Nutcracker this year, you enter a world filled with a bucking reindeer, a large snowman jumper for people of all ages, small bars all over, carnival foods, deep fried treats, tubing, ice skating and ice sliding. But watch out for those nutcrackers walking around, they surprisingly slide on the ground as the monsters do during their Halloween experience, which scared the heck out of me since I wasn’t expecting that.

The biggest and best experience required us to put on parkas to enter the 7 degrees Fahrenheit igloo called the Ice Kingdom (it was filled with over 2 million pounds of sculptured ice). The Nutcracker-themed sculptures and castles were amazing spectacle to experience, as well as the 30-foot recreation of the Queen Mary with ice slide.

The outside was filled with all the delicious foods you would normally experience at a county fair, but I was unable to find hot chocolate or coffee, which somewhat disappointed me. But the life-sized gingerbread house and huge ice rink made me feel as if I was in Buddy the Elf’s home.


The one problem I did have was how rude security was at first when I reported a potential issue to them. Other than than that I was rather happy with the overall experience and would recommend it to any and everyone. Check out the gallery below and tweet #QueenMaryCHILL while you are there!

Chill will have live entertainment, food and drinks. Tickets are $29.95 for adults and $14.95 for kids. If you want to go ice skating and tubing, it will cost $12.95. Chill will open starting November 22nd to January 5th. You can purchase tickets at http://queenmary.com/chill/.

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