Contest: Winner announced for The Hobbit Ocarina Giveaway

hobbit ocarina

With The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug hitting theaters next month, we figured it was a good time to team up with STL Ocarina to host an NR Hobbit Contest. The prize is the beautiful 12 Hole Tenor Ocarina ($59.99) inspired by The Hobbit. We’ve received a lot of entries, but sadly, only one person can win. Now it’s time to announce the winner.

But first, here are some of my favorite entries:

“I would journey to the mystical world of Wal-Mart and conquest on lil-rascals in the search of the hidden mullet.”

Erik Abrahm Aguilar
“We’d go on a quest to find proof of unicorns and then tame them to show off to all of middle earth as we ride on them leaving rainbow fart trails for everyone to suck in and be jealous of. Then something about a dragon or something i zoned out after they mentioned the unicorns”

Jinx Noir
“I would save Gotham, give 42 fish to the nearest dolphins, take over the local tv news network to let everyone know that winter is indeed coming and that they must all live long and prosper, find David Bowie and demand that he take me to the goblin city where he clearly must have hidden my sonic screwdriver. And also generally run around kicking tail and chewing bubblegum.”

And the winner is…

“We’d venture on a quest to save all those people lost in the Friendzone.”

Yes, Kristal wins for trying to help the many guys out there trying to get away from the dreaded friend zone. Kristal, please send me an email (it’s on our About Page). The deadline is Monday on December 2, 2013.

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