OnStar Batman commercials bridged the gap between Batman films


Batman “Locked Out” Ad still

In the early 2000s before superhero films became a dependable genre, Onstar commissioned a series of commercials featuring Batman to promote their new guiding system. Bare in mind, when these commercials started airing, the first X-Men film hadn’t hit theaters yet and Joel Schumacher’s Batman and Robin was still fresh in everybody’s mind.

Though these promos were meant to sell a product, they brought a cinematic dark knight to comic book fans that was actually pretty cool. Using the Burton era Batmobile (the best Batmobile in my opinion) and featuring the fantastic Michael Gough, who played Alfred from Batman to Batman and Robin (He’s truly the best part of Batman and Robin, but sadly it doesn’t take much.).

It should also be noted that actor Bruce Thomas played the role of the caped crusader in these ads, as well as in the short-lived TV series Birds of Prey. In blending both comic book and cinematic versions of these iconic characters, this series of commercials remains a unique chapter in Batman history See a playlist of the ads below.

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