Intel Experience stores opening in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York for the holidays


There are so many products out there it is pretty tough to know what to buy as a gift…or for yourself. Sometimes reading up on a product isn’t enough, and a more hands on approach is beneficial.

With holiday shopping right around the corner, Intel is opening three different pop up shops in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, giving customers information and a chance to experience some new tech. The shops will be equipped with multiple devices from Intel partners including Sony, Samsung, Lenovo, and Toshiba, just to name a few. Guests can go in and try out the products first hand and also get lessons and information from trained helpers.

Intel won’t be selling any of these products in store, but you can rent out a tablet or laptop for 24 hours to see if it is right for you. If you like it, you can order one online or head to another shop like Amazon or Best Buy.

There is more. Rather than just trying to get you to try and possibly buy things, Intel is creating a hang out and learning experience. Guests will be treated to a warm cup of coffee, and they will be shown different things every day. Through out the week the store will have different events, showing you how to take advantage of your tablets, using certain programs and more. Friday will be dedicated to showing movies.

Most importantly, Intel is working with the local schools and communities in different ways.¬†Take your E-Waste to any of the stores and a certain amount will be donated to local schools. There’s also a special event where some of the brightest minds in local areas will come together to raise money for charity.

The Intel pop-up shops opens as early as this weekend, with Nolita, New York City on November 23; Lincoln Park, Chicago on November 25; and Venice, California on November 26. They will close sometime in January.

For those interested you can head to the Intel website for location, events and times here.

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