ASSIST ME! series explores Killer Instinct

Assist Me KIFollowers of Maximilian and his extensive coverage of Killer Instinct shouldn’t be surprised that the ASSIST ME! series is now exploring the newest entry of the classic fighting game franchise. It’s still awesome nonetheless, and the episode itself covers all the basics one needs to know in order to play the game.

The plot for this iteration finds Max seeking a second job after the events of the last ASSIST ME! episodes that covered MvC3’s Dante. Landing a gig with Ultratech, Max’s job is to analyze the fighters of KI, which he shares with the viewer. Max goes over the bits and pieces of the game and how it differs from the classic titles, explaining combo structure and other game mechanics.

Episode one can be found below, while episode two will be due out next week and will discuss more advanced tactics and mechanics. Killer Instinct itself will be available tomorrow as a F2P launch title for the Xbox One.

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