Nvidia at BlizzCon 2013 – Showing off the ShadowPlay and G-Sync

Nvidia had a large presence on the floor during BlizzCon 2013, and we stopped by the booth to see what gamers could look forward to.

shield-front-open-bloodswordNvidia released the Shield, a portable Android gaming system with a built in controller and a 5-inch 720p touch screen, back in July. It isn’t the cheapest thing on the market (retail $299), but with what’s inside and the capabilities of the system, it’s worth taking a look.

The team behind the Shield wanted to give gamers something they could enjoy anywhere, so they started with a controller design that was comfortable. They added their top of the line Tegra4 processor to give gamers great gameplay without hurting battery life (approximately 6-8 hours), added gamepad mapper and connectivity including a HDMI port.

ShadowPlay PC Game Capture Software - GeForce - GeForce 2013-11-08 23-54-58Nvidia’s GeForce Experience software ShadowPlay is a program made to save your gameplay without hurting performance or slowing down your game. ShadowPlay has two modes of play. In Manual mode you can capture video of your gaming exploits for uploading or for studying for future raids. Shadow mode is for the player who suddenly stumbles on something important or gets lucky and wants to share with his friend. Shadow mode pulls previous frames, allowing you to go back and capture that moment you may have not recorded.

ShadowPlay is currently available users with for GeForce GTX 650 cards or higher.


Nvidia’s G-SYNC was created to help gaming monitors alleviate screen tearing, VSync input lag and improve visual performance by having the monitor and graphics card work side by side. G-Sync addresses frame rate differences between your monitor and video card which output differently and causes the distortions. Both items work in harmony, instantly giving you 60fps or down to 20 with no problems. With the demonstration we saw just how important a few frames per second are in an important battle.

Nvidia is working with partners like ASUS, BenQ and Phillips to incorporate the G-Sync into gaming monitors by 2014 with prices to be announced. If you already own an ASUS VG248QE monitor, you won’t need to buy a new monitor as Nvidia will release a do-it-yourself kit.

Stay tuned for our BlizzCon video which gives you a look at the Nvidia booth.

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