DW 50th: Doctor Who mini-episode The Last Day

Doctor Who

BBC has released their second mini-episode for The Day of the Doctor called The Last Day.

It features soldiers from Gallifrey during the Last Time War. It does not show the Doctor. Instead, it shows Gallifreyan soldiers on Arcadia, a stronghold city in Gallifrey. We see it through the eyes of a new Gallifreyan soldier being trained. We see their body armor (which I hope to see cosplayers wear it at GallifreyOne now) and how advanced their technology is by recording everything from their armor (so everything has been documented).

The Daleks broke through their sky trenches (400 trenches to be exact), which was suppose to be impossible to get through. Then we see chaos… and then red (which meant death).

So… that’s the last day. Who was this soldier? Was he of significance or just there?

Doctor Who 2

Moffat really put a lot of thought into this. He wanted to give us the point of view from a soldier in the war instead of the Doctor or Daleks fighting Time Lords and it’s scary.

Doctor Who The Last Day Mini Episode by TheTARDISmobi

Doctor Who’s The Day of the Doctor airs this Saturday, November 23rd on BBC One/BBC America.

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