DW 50th: David Tennant introduces The Day of the Doctor


Known for his deadpan comedy (among his many acting talents), David Tennant made a video discussing “no expense has been spared” in making of Doctor Who’s The Day of the Doctor. He shows some of the “props” used in the episode.

He jokes that the episode will be CGI-free and shows us several rocks being poured as special effects. He also introduces a rat doll that will be the villain in the episode “this is the Fnarg” (no, it’s not.)

He places a red plastic bin over his head saying it is his “space hat” and wears it the rest of the video. It’s meant to be funny, but somehow looks adorable. Yes, it could be because of my crush on Tennant, but who cares.

He mentions a wash bowl… as a wash bowl.

It’s a cute video for the Ten lovers out there. I could hear the fangirls and fanboys squealing. So watch the video and squeal.

Doctor Who’s The Day of the Doctor is THIS Saturday on BBC America/One.

Source: BBC

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