Review: Puma Soundchuck Bluetooth speakers


When you hear the word Puma, what do you think of? Do you think of the apparel company? Or do you perhaps think of the animal? Most people would probably think of the apparel company first, then the animal. Now the Puma brand is trying its hands on a new sector, audio peripherals.

We recently got our hands on Puma’s Soundchuck Bluetooth speakers. The name Soundchuck is a dead giveaway from its looks and its actual use. Basically it’s a nunchuck that delivers sound/music.


It is shaped like nunchucks with speakers at either end of it to deliver sound/music. The speakers are 2 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. It is tethered by an 8-inch cord with a flat center that has the Puma logo on it. Everything is coated with rubber, and it comes in six different colors: red, orange, gray, black, navy, and pink.

All of the button controls such as Power and Volume Up/Down On are located on the side of the speaker. It also doubles for answering/rejecting calls and Bluetooth sync. On the other speaker you have the Micro USB port for charging, and next to it is a 3.5mm jack. I think it’s fairly convenient to have one side with the button controls and the other with the power port and audio jack. The tips also contain magnets that can connect both ends for simple storage.


Everything up to this point has been good for the Soundchucks. Unfortunately, this is where I wasn’t as pleased with the performance. First I played Ludacris’ “Blueberry Yum Yum” as a test, and this speaker had little to no bass. I even tried tweaking the settings on my phone, but it did me no good. When I tried to turn up the volume to get more out of it, it just got more distorted the louder it got.

Next I played Gun’s N Roses’ “November Rain,” and that was much better at delivering sound. It was very clear and crisp, and Slash’s guitar solo sounded amazing! The same results came from plugging in my phone to the 3.5mm jack as opposed to just Bluetooth.

After doing the audio test, I kept it playing in the background while I played some video games. That was done to test the battery life during a full charge. I ended up with around 5 hours of nonstop usage before there was any sound degradation, then finally it died. The battery life is definitely good for this kind of speaker.

And of course, if you are ever in danger or just want to try your hands at imitating Bruce Lee, you can just use this as an actual nunchuck (I’m just kidding). So it’s best to just use these as speakers like they were intended for.

Final Reaction

This is a good speaker for those that are looking for portable speakers to take to a picnic or an outdoor gathering. Just don’t wait for the bass drop.

Grade: B-

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