DW 50th: HISHE dedicates a video to the Anniversary

doctor who

The guys at How It Should Had Ended posted a video dedicated to Doctor Who’s famous episode, Doomsday, where the 10th Doctor is separated from Rose Tyler. In the end, the Doctor and Rose say their good-byes with the Doctor’s last comment being cut off.

According to Russell T Davies (head writer during Tennant’s time), the Doctor would had said I love you back.

HISHE posted a hilarious parody for Youtube’s Doctor Who Week! (Yes, in honor of the 50th Anniversary). It shows the Doctor holding  a supernova in order to communicate with Rose in another dimension.

It’s hilarious and heartbreaking to remember the actual episode, which made me love Billie Piper even more.

Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary is this Saturday with its’ 50th Anniversary episode The Day of the Doctor at 11:50pm (USA West Coast time) and 2:50 pm (East coast time) on BBC America.

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