Make-A-Wish turns kid into Batkid!

batkid-posterLook out evil doers! Gotham has a new hero, and his name is Miles, aka the Batkid! Starting today, Make-A-Wish is going to grant the wish of 5-year-old Miles, who was diagnosed with leukemia at age 1. He will become Batkid for the day, stopping evil doers across San Francisco in staged events. Some include a damsel in distress tied on the tracks of a cable car, stopping the Riddler from robbing a bank vault, and chasing the Penguin across town.

From San Jose Mercury News:

San Francisco will be transformed into Gotham on Friday as 5-year-old Miles, who has successfully battled leukemia, will get to save the day as the superhero Batkid. The event is the culmination of a youngster’s fertile imagination, the efforts of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the power of social media.

Up to 12,000 people have signed up to make Miles day one he will never forget. Had this been closer, my brother in law and I would’ve definitely joined in the fun with our Joker and Two-Face costumes. The day ends with Miles at City Hall accepting the key to San Francisco/Gotham City from Mayor Ed Lee. It’s a great day for Miles, who has since gone into remission. Today he is one of the greatest super heroes but everyday he is a hero. Showing bravery through his hard battle with leukemia. Miles will Rise!

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All images from SFWish’s Twitter

If you would like to donate to Make-A-Wish, please visit, and you can help make a child’s wish come true!

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