DW 50th: BBC releases exclusive clip from “The Day of the Doctor” for Children in Need


BBC released an exclusive Doctor Who clip for BBC One’s charity special Children in Need. The clip features UNIT’s Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgrave) showing the Doctor (Matt Smith) and companion Clara (Jenna Coleman) paintings from the London National Museum that have been “released” (broken out of the painting). In the museum, the Doctor finds his Fez and wears it.

Then something happens (ode to the previous specials where the Doctors interacted together) and the 11th Doctor seems to know what to do and throws hs fez in the portal along with himself to find his 10th incarnation (David Tennant) wearing the fez staring at each other… Love it!

The 10th has no idea who 11 is but of course, 11th remembers him. I love 10 wearing a fez! So the Doctors are needed for this mission.

Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor comes on next week on November 23rd onBBC One/BBC America.

If you want to view the clip and donate to Children in Need, click here

source: BBC, DoctorWho24/7

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