DW 50th: The Night of the Doctor (The Day of the Doctor prequel)


Yeah!!! We get to see the 8th Doctor (Paul McGann) in action again as the Doctor, looking sexy as ever (the man is practically the only one from Classic Who who hadn’t changed much).

We see this was during the Time War when both Time Lord and Daleks becoming war-driven and just ruining the universe. Apparently everyone hates Time Lords just as much as Daleks. He tries to save a ship but crashes onto a planet with the Sisterhood of Karn who save him, offering him a chance of regeneration to stop the Time War.

The Doctor refuses to partake in the Time War but is asked by the Sisterhood to help end the Time War. Seeing how the Time War is ruining the lives of others, he decides to regenerate into a warrior.

We see him regenerate into a young John Hurt who is introduced as the “War Doctor”.

A lot of people are now wondering if John Hurt is officially the 9th Doctor but who knows?! He didn’t regenerate naturally but with the use of technology but honestly, that probably isn’t it. He was created out of hatred for war and had a purpose – end the Time War. The Doctors’ purpose was to explore the galaxy and help those who needed it, whereas the War Doctor’s purpose was to end the Time War.

What do you think? I highly doubt the BBC would change an entire franchise of Doctors for a storyline. We will just have to see what they have planned.

Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor airs NEXT Saturday, November 23rd on BBC One/BBC America!

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