threeA toys raises funds for the Philippines


We have all heard about the devastation that Typhoon Haiyan/Typhoon Yolanda has done to the Philippines recently. The town of Tacloban bore the brunt of the disaster, and having been born and raised in that town, I have a special connection to that place.

The company that brought you the Metal Gear REX as well as some of the figures from Real Steel, ThreeA, recently had a Noisy Boy for sale. They are now doing a sale in which all proceeds will go directly to help with the relief in the devastation. That is a pretty amazing thing to do, especially to donate. Also, ALL of the proceeds will go to the relief efforts. This is not the first time they did something like this. When Japan was hit with an earthquake, threeA held a similar sale for Japan.

I have been buying from this company ever since they released Metal Gear REX a few years ago. My most recent purchase was Atlas and P-Body. My next purchase will be Metal Gear RAY.

They are selling a shirt with a picture of the companion Square and a word bubble on top saying “Maganda bukas”, which translates to “beautiful tomorrow.” They are selling it in two colors; black and white (as seen below). It will come in a blister card which means it will look like those figures with paper backing. It is selling for $45 with free shipping around the world.

I would like to thank threeA for doing this kind gesture for the Philippines and my hometown. And remember if you cannot purchase the shirts, there are other ways to donate such as going to the Red Cross website and donating there.

Click here to buy your shirt.

Source: threeA blog




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