YouTube comments are now filled with Viruses and Penises

ban-youtubeYoutube’s comment section has honestly, always been a cesspool of racist/sexist/hateful text crusaders. Among these were the users who actually tried to create a great community of people focused on production of quality, wonderful content which has inspired cinematographers, artists, musicians, and all people contributing positively to society. These people were the few who left constructive criticism, praise,s or witty remarks which I’ve always enjoyed reading. Now, we get dicks.

With the recent Google + integration of Youtube, the addition of ASCII characters as well as links and an unnecessarily high character limit have completely destroyed Youtube’s comment section. Every video I’ve watched has had comments featuring either ASCII penises, virus links, spam, or Bob. Google, you’re better than this.

Google, you’re a company creating a self-driving vehicle! Why did anybody ever think that links and ASCII were a good idea for one of the web’s most popular sites?! This is permanent damage, all for the sake of some developer pissed off because Google + failed miserably. We don’t like it, we don’t want it bundled, get over it. You’re already making 45% from ALL ad revenue, isn’t it enough?

Google needs to handle this issue, quickly. This can potentially destroy Youtube. I will make this bold of a statement because for the first time, I saw a comment section with more penises than 4chan! What next? Image comments?

For the love of Cerf, Google, please remove this dysfunctional update. You made a mistake, admit to it and fix it.

If not, R.I.P Youtube.


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