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While frequenting my normal IT forums, I found a thread that talked about bacon. Since I was a fan of bacon, I clicked on it and found out that this was literally about bacon. For some reason in the IT world, there was a time where bacon and bacon-related products were a big thing. Don’t ask me why, it just was. Someone posted a picture of a pig USB hub and it had piglets as a Micro SD card connector. After Googling a bit, I was led to a London-based website.

Since it was based in London, it took some time for me to get it; but when it arrived I was so happy. For each product you buy, you will get the mother pig, main USB hub, her 3 piglets, the Micro SD connector, and a lanyard which goes on one of the piglet’s tail.


The design is very much that of a pig feeding its children. The USB hub is quite big, almost the size of a standard mouse pad. The tail of the mother pig is a USB cord that connects to your computer. The eyes on the mother pig are a bit weird for my taste, but I guess it’s to show that she is smiling. The eyes do light up for both the piglets and the mother pig. For the piglets, their noses are male USB plugs which are retractable. This is also a very light hub considering its size.


So far I have used this USB hub for 1 printer and 1 external HDD, and 1 of the piglets was just used as a place holder. No software was needed to have this hub up and running, and everything was straight plug and play. The only thing that needed installation was the peripherals that are connected to the hub.

Not everything was smooth sailing, since there were some quirks on the hub that I had to get used to. When I first printed out something, it took 10 seconds for it to go from hitting print on my document to actually having the data get to my printer. This freaked me out at first, but now I got used to it. I was used to having no lag in between hitting print and hearing my printer start printing.

I don’t really consider this a negative, but I wish it was USB 3.0 compatible. Maybe in future builds they will add it on. Also, their customer service is awesome, I had an issue with one of the piglets not being able to read any of my Micro SD cards, and they replaced it with no problems. And now I have 3 working piglets that can read my Micro SD cards.

Final Reaction

All in all this is a good product and would make a very good gift for those that have a craving for bacon, or those who want a funny USB hub on their desk. If a pig is not what you are looking for, they also have a cat and dog version for sale as well as many other products on their site.

Grade: B+

You can get more info or buy it here.

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