Nick Ramos sports the Mega Man X Full Armored version in Dead Rising 3

While Capcom hasn’t made any new Mega Man since Mega Man 10 (not counting the iOS game that never got released), his essence has been spread out through the Capcom universe with different homages.

Image1Capcom has decided to make fans of Dead Rising and Mega Man happy by including the Full Armor from Mega Man X, which the main character, Nick Ramos, can wear into battle. The Armor looks very amazing in the world of Dead Rising 3 and comes complete with buster shot and charged buster shot. It won’t be easy to unlock, as players will have to do the insane Nightmare mode to get this homage to Mega Man X.

While I like having a goal to achieve, I also feel like Capcom is rubbing salt in the wounds of everyone who wanted a new Mega Man game.

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