GOG.com discounting 100 games until ‘out of stock’


Remember when it was actually possible for stores to run out of certain games after a huge sales rush? I mean, we’re talking actual physical copies of games that can actually sell out, leaving subsequent people that attempt to purchase said game with a feeling of despair and sadness.

GOG.com remembers, and that’s the basis for their Fall Insomnia promo, where they will be discounting over a hundred games up to 80% off until they “run out of stock” of that particular game. This includes titles such as Duke Nukem Atomic Edition, System Shock 2, and Don’t Starve, among numerous others. That sale is going on right now on their website.

Of course, the real question is how do you sell out of digital copies of a video game? Does their stash fall into some miniature black hole they created in their labs that only eats digital titles? Do they have a wizard magically poof them out of existence of their online store when copies are sold? Tis very much a mystery that we may never know the answer to, so your best bet is to just not think about it and camp the website for those crazy deals.

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