Heroes of the Storm – What you need to know! (BlizzCon 2013)

HOS_Logo_m01_smSo what do you need to know about Heroes of the Storm? Heroes of the Storm is different. It is one of the first MOBAs that really emphasized teamplay rather than individual skill. Let’s first see how it differs from League of Legends, since that is the current standard for this genre (This is coming from a MOBA gamer rooted in Aeon of Strife).

  • Emphasis on team strategy and planning
  • Shared experience
  • Only one resource, experience
  • The map is small for 5v5, two lanes, can be compared to Twisted Treeline
  • You get three abilities at start
  • Your leveling consists of passive buffs for your active abilities for the most part
  • No warding, you have sight towers similar to Starcraft 2
  • Supports can carry
  • No Items
  • Using emotes will lock you in place for their duration

Raynor calls in some banshee air support

Among these let’s discuss how well the game plays. Individual snowballing has been eliminated, your team is your lifeline. Mechanically HOS plays extremely similar to League, since last hitting is emphasized while denial is non-existent. Movement is quick and responsive, almost instant. Some larger units had small frames, but that will surely be fixed before beta. Map pressure from lane switches seems to be a highly effective tactic, since most units have ways to pass over terrain.

One hero caught my attention. Nova is a ranged damage dealer with stealth similar to that of Evelynn from League. Exceptional ranged damage with an automatic free cloaking mechanism looks like it’ll be extremely annoying to deal with.

Team fight

The hero archetypes fit their gameplay styles flawlessly. Tanks could tank well, damage dealers are deadly, and support’s roles couldn’t be more important.

The heroes are beautifully rendered and animated to perfection, gotta love Blizzard’s golden standard. Here are the current heroes with their respecting current skins. Enjoy.

abathur arthas arthas_prince02 demonhunter demonhunter_vamp diablo diablo_kaijo etc etc_glamrock illidan Illidan_bloodelf kerrigan kerrigan_succubus nova nova_roller raynor raynor_america tassadar tassadar_mecha uther uther_judgement

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