LEGO SPACE: Building the Future (Book Review)

20131023_LEGOspace_cover_web_f537As a child, I loved to build things with LEGOs (until I stepped on one; then I hated those little bastards). Even as an adult, if you put LEGOs in front of me, prepare for me not to pay attention to you for hours on end. My buddy made this mistake a few months ago, so he can vouch for that statement. Seriously, this photo was taken in March: 481347_10100314023276830_1202752293_nMy entire life, I’ve been fascinated with space. My mother and I gifted my father a telescope for Father’s Day when I was a kid. I used it more than he did. I still use it today. That interest obviously paired well with my interest in NASA, Star Trek, and the like. When No Starch Press e-mailed me about a new book of theirs asking if I’d be interested in reviewing it, obviously my next question was, “Well, what’s it called?” Answer: LEGO SPACE: Building the Future by Paul Reid and Tim Goddard. Uhm, yes! Give it to me! Send it here!

LEGO SPACE is a semi-fictional account of mankind’s adventures through the solar system. It begins with actual explorations, such as Sputnik, Voyager, and, most recently, Curiosity. It then branches off into the fictional portion, which consists of what will be our later interactions with aliens, both of good and evil persuasion. Throughout the story, there are photos and instructions and how to build all these fun little ships and bases with LEGOs. 20131023_LEGOspace_voyager_f537 What I really love about this book is that it functions on several different levels. The photos of their creations are so fantastic, it could warrant sitting on a coffee table where guests could simply marvel at the detail of each one. However, it also functions as an incredibly interesting narrative as well as a step-by-step guide to build your own LEGO spacecrafts. legospace-curiosity-rover All in all, it’s an incredibly fun book. It brought me back to my childhood and made me want to pour my LEGO bin out onto my living room floor and start building some of the ships pictured in the book. I guarantee you’ll feel the same way after thumbing through it. LEGO SPACE: Building the Future is available in both digital and physical formats on November 11th.

Grade: A

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