Hearthstone – What’s next? (BlizzCon 2013)

Hearthstone Logo“We weren’t actually sure it would work, but thought it was pretty cool.”

While I can’t say who this quote is by, I can assure you that this was one of the leading thoughts upon the creation of Hearthstone. While not the most reassuring, it was indeed one of the main mindsets going forward with Hearthstone.

“I never thought I would enjoy a digital card game, I don’t like online poker or online chess, don’t think i’ll be playing much Hearthstone” – Adam Kharakov

Boy have I been eating my words this weekend. Hearthstone has this amazing balance between strategy and instant gratification that allows even players with no prior Warcraft knowledge, no experience with card games, or particularly fond of being destroyed by Legendary monsters to hop right in and begin enjoying the casual gaming feel of this title.


Plenty of Hearthstone announcements were made at the panel yesterday, these include:

  • Card re-balancing
  • Adventures
  • Fireside Chat

Mobile platform ports to Android and IOS have also been one of the biggest factors attributing to the possible future success of Hearthstone. The tablet version feels extraordinarily similar to the experience you would get with PC. I can definitely see myself spending much more time in the bathroom yelling ” $)*&#@^ Alextraza!”


Below is a gallery of cards that have been re-balanced or changed, enjoy.

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