DW 50th: Extended Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor trailer!


With the regular trailer being released recently, BBC has released an extended trailer that the industry folk (and SDCC) got to see – packed with more David Tennant.

Yes. He says ALLONS-Y!!!

doctor who

We see more 10 and 11 interaction and a comparisons of sonic screwdrivers. Of course, 11 remembers everything 10 went through including his romance with Queen Elizabeth (whom he was with when he first sees 11). So we see 11 going up to 10 with his sonic screwdriver out and 10 with his looking weary (he doesn’t know 11 is him).

doctor who 2

I love their interactions so far just in the trailer – 10’s dislike for 11th’s TARDIS console, they both having the same movements, and their witty banter because both wear glasses. So yes, we do see them comparing clothes – more like 10 finding out what 11’s wardrobe is now. We see more of Rose (either she’s regular Rose or Bad Wolf Rose)! And we see more about The Moment with John Hurt.

doctor who

doctor who

Click here to see the extended trailer.

Doctor Who’s The Day of the Doctor airs on November 23rd on BBC One at 7:50PM and BBC America 11:50AM Pacific Standard Time and 2:50PM Eastern Standard Time.

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