DW 50th: Breakdown of the first The Day of the Doctor trailer


When I mean first, I mean the first trailer that the BBC released. There will be another trailer (an industry trailer) that will be released later today.

We did a previous breakdown on who might the unknown Doctor (John Hurt) may be already.

We know that the time takes place in Elizabethan London with the 10th Doctor and a terrible event happening at the London National Gallery in 2012. We know the Zygons are involved.

Doctor Who

So let’s breakdown what we see:

* The Time War:

Doctor Who

This we know it related to John Hurt’s Doctor and the Time War. We know he had something to do with it. Just what?

What’s this?

Doctor Who

Yes, that may be the button that ends the Time War – destroying both Time Lords and Daleks. Look closely at the gem.

Doctor Who Moment

As the 10th Doctor would say… OH YES! Look at the energy inside the gem. It has Time Lord energy in there.

You know what else has Time Lord energy… Rose Tyler. Bad Wolf is back.

Doctor Who

But here’s the thing… we know this…

The 10th Doctor hooked up with the Virgin Queen – Queen Elizabeth before his regeneration, so he would not had been traveling with Rose because there is a scene with the 10th Doctor romancing Queen Elizabeth in the garden (Johanna Page mentioned her kissing scene with David Tennant), so this Doctor would had left Rose a long time ago with his Human Doctor.

So where did this Bad Wolf Rose come from?!

And what is going on with the three Doctors together with this explosion:

Doctor Who 2

Something went wrong here and I think the Zygons are involved.

What are Zygons?

Doctor Who Zygons

If you watched Classic Who, you’d know a Zygon is an alien from Zygor and can body-print other specimens. They can look and sound like their captured human specimen, but only for two hours. You can see how this could play out. A Zygon is probably going to pretend to be someone in this episode.

The last time the Doctor dealt with the Zygons was with the Fourth Doctor and UNIT. Now, as the 11th Doctor, he must work with UNIT again to bring them down.

Hence, we see Kate Stewart as something explodes.

Doctor Who

So… we know it all ties in together. The Zygons, Queen Elizabeth time, the two Doctors and the unknown Doctor, the Time War and of course, Bad Wolf.

Bad Wolf was a message to the Doctor left by Rose Tyler who absorbed the TARDIS Time Vortex, yes… a paradox. So this may not be our Rose, it may be the TARDIS with the image of our Rose. This is becoming confusing. Damn you, Moffat.

Another confusing thing was… what’s up with Clara?

Doctor Who Clara

And this guy riding a horse out of a TARDIS? This is the best freeze frame i could do.

Doctor Who Horse

I guess I’ll need to wait for the next trailer that the BBC will be releasing soon.

What are your thoughts? What the heck do you think is going on? Which Rose Tyler is this?

There was also a scene with Clara and the Doctor being shown a photo by UNIT of Elizabeth’s (the girl with the 4th Doctor’s scarf) credentials as proof of the Time War knowledge.

For those who haven’t seen it, here you go.

Doctor Who’s The Day of the Doctor airs on November 23rd on BBC One at 7:50PM and BBC America 11:50AM Pacific Standard Time and 1:50PM Eastern Standard Time.


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