DW 50th: Behind the scenes of The Day of the Doctor!


Courtesy of Doctor Who 24/7’s Twitter page, we have behind the scenes images from Doctor Who’s The Day of the Doctor.

These are great detailed shots from behind the scenes. We get to see our two Doctors and their companions, but there is one particular image explains a lot of what is going to happen.


Here we see ALL the Doctors touching The Moment. The Moment activates the destruction of the Time War – ending both the Time Lords and Daleks (well, not the Daleks completely). So it seems that the Doctors will push the button together to destroy Gallifrey. Something must had happened to cause the Time War to not end and that is a fixed point in time… so it looks like in the end, they had to do it. Theory!

For more theories, click here.

Doctor Who’s The Day of the Doctor airs on November 23rd on BBC One at 7:50PM and BBC America 11:50AM Pacific Standard Time and 2:50PM Eastern Standard Time.

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Here are the other photos.

Source: Doctor Who 24/7


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