Survey says teens want the PS4 over the Xbox One

ps4 xbox one controller

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are both coming out this month, and many are speculating on which console will come out on top. According to a survey by, a leader in online cash-back shopping, 88% of teens (age 12-17) wanted an electronic device for the holiday season. Of the teenagers wanting electronics, 1 in 5 teenagers (20%) wanted the PlayStation 4 while only 13% wanted the Xbox One.

The survey was fielded by TNS and included 500 teens. The Apple iPhone (32%) and the Apple iPad (24%) both came out above the PS4 and Xbox One.

The survey also has the results for adults. Of the adults who wanted an electronic device, 43% wanted the PS4 compared to Xbox One’s 33%.

Remember, this is just a small sampling, but it does help in predicting what console is going to triumph the holiday season.


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