PlayStation 4 gets a mysterious Street Fighter Hadouken Cabs trailer

ps4 hadouken cabs

A new video just popped up for the PlayStation 4 promoting Hadouken Cabs. If you know Street Fighter, then you should know that Street Fighter 2 featured a level where you can wreck a car with your bare hands and feet (the video is a parody of that). It also features an actor playing Ryu, the Street Fighter theme, and the classic KO sign.

But what is this ad really promoting? Is it an exclusive Street Fighter game that’s headed to the PS4? There are three clues we have, and one of them is the Twitter hashtag, #4theplayers, which is the hashtag Sony is using to get gamers pumped up for the release of the PS4.

The second clue is the “phone number” that says 0830 1987-KO. It actually translates to the August 30, 1987, which is the date that the original Street Fighter debuted at the arcades.

The third clue is You can make a phone call for a Hadouken Cab, but unfortunately all the fighters will be busy competing in a tournament.

So what do you guys think it means?

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