Contest: Winner announced for McFarlane Toys Halo 4 figures

Halo 4 figures

The deadline for the McFarlane Toys Halo 4 Series 2 Contest is now over, and it’s time to announce the winner. The prize package includes the Didact Deluxe Figure, Master Chief with mini-Cortana, Elite Ranger, Storm Jackal, and Spartan Scout. Each figure comes with a code to unlock exclusive Halo 4 video game content.

Here are the Runner-Ups:

Sheena McNutt
“Come on now, this one is simple. Christopher Walken. Think about it, he can take a tough situation and make you laugh or an easy situation and make you sweat bullets. Walken would be PERFECT.”

“gilbert gottfried….come on! he was the IAGO the Parrot from Aladdin!!!!”

Daniel DiCarlo
“I’d have comedian Frank Caliendo so he could keep me entertained and mix things up with all his impressions of famous actors.”

“I think I’d pick Marty O’Donnell so that he could follow me around singing the Halo theme song as I repeatedly kick Grunts in the junk.”

Cesar Godinez
“Bill Cosby Because of the Puddin Pops and Jello, and the whaa whaa whaa.”

And the winner is…

Sweet Brown because “Ain’t nobody got time for that Covie invasion!”

Congrats to Allore. Please send me an email (info on our About Page). Deadline to claim the prize is November 22, 2013 (the day Xbox One comes out).

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