BlizzCon: WoW Warlords of Draenor announced


World of Warcraft has gone all over the place over the course of its lifespan. This time, they’re going to be going all the way back to the beginning to the lands of Draenor, in the newest expansion for the most popular MMORPG in existence.

The trailer shown during the BlizzCon opening ceremony showcased two races. One is the Draeni, a race that has largely been ignored since the Burning Crusade, but appears to be coming back to the forefront in this new war. The other is the brown and dark red skinned orcish race, the original orcs before the corruption came from the Burning Legion. While there were no traces of fel magic present, the brutality of the orcs was still there, as they assaulted a Draeni stronghold with siege weaponry.

As for why Draenor itself, a land that was completely decimated by the war between the Alliance and the Burning Legion, and its remnants renamed Outland, is suddenly back, that is likely a question that will be explained during the panel on the expansion later today.

Teased in the trailer are new character models for players, the ability to customize your garrisons, and even the ability to automatically boost your character to level 90 and be able to jump straight into the new content. The last one especially is worth mentioning, as it gives players that haven’t been around for a while, or those who have a lot of alt characters, a chance to level them super quick and be caught up with everyone.

No release date has been announced for the expansion yet.

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