Videogame BANG! #3: Jiggle Physics, Doggie Style

What’s Up Sexy Pizzas?!

Videogame BANG! is back for our third episode with, and oh boy we have some controversial topics for you this week. Special guest Gen ‘The Geek Girl’ Leblanc returns to the program and this time joins us for the entire episode!

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Cory, Aaron, Steven and Laura get down and dirty with Gen in a heated round of Whattcha Playin’. We continue this podcastular orgy by discussing the week’s biggest and hardest stories:

Playstation 4 is cuming out in a little over a week. We talk about this huge launch, and Sony’s partnership with Spike TV. Cory attempts to sway Gen towards his Microsoft ways, but Gen and Steven turn the tables and leave him for the first time speechless.

After the break things get steamy with our second installment of the VGB trivia challenge! Aaron attempts to defend his crown against a hungry group of contestants. Can he do it? Will he be defeated? Find out by listening, ya dingus! And if you want to compete against us next week, we will choose the listener who sends the best trash talk tweet to @ydaak on Twitter.

Finally we climax this baby out with an uncensored rant from Genevieve ‘The Geek girl’ LeBlanc. She goes on a full frontal assault on spanking the new Call of Duty: Ghosts. Her feelings on doggie, I mean the Call of Duty Dog, the group analyzes the ‘copy and paste mentality’ that is plaguing the gaming world, and the long awaited addition of female characters in multiplayer. We also ask the question: Why did it take so long to add breasts (or you may know them as tits, boobies or honkers).

The main theme of the show is that it’s disgusting how people capitalize on the exploitation of woman, particularly in the gaming industry. It is absolutely wrong to use sexploitation in place of quality content and programming. It’s particularly wrong to use filthy words in your description just to boost your SEO in hopes of attracting more listeners. If you actually read this and agree, let us know in the comment section below OR hit us up on twitter @VideogameBANG.

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