Bent-Con gets Awkwardly Quizzical!

kent kaliber, vyxsin, and pigaychu at bent-con 2011 hallwayBy Anastasia Washington

Bent-Con is more than just an LGBT convention. It’s an event that’s like no other with every flavor of nerdom and activity. You’ll walk away with amazing stories and friends. Awkward Conversations enjoyed it so much last year that we are back again! This time with a variety of panels you will not want to miss!

Along with our Classic Nerdy Fun, Talk Nerdy to Me! (Friday, November 8th at 7pm), we also will be hosting some Nerdy dating fun in Spock My Interest (Friday, November 8th at 6pm). But you’re here to win it, I can tell!

That’s where our panel Trivial Per-Suit Up! comes in! Sponsored by King Trivia and with hundreds of dollars in prizes this is not to be passed over! Think you know it all! Bring it! And it may just bring you a drink or eight. And after all, who does trivia better than nerds?

Your hosts, Nathan Lichtman (Angry Baby), Jeff Langston (Phantom Kitten) and Anastasia Washington (Darth Boobs), will be your awkward guides through Love, Nerdom, and Trivia!

So come get Awkward with us this Friday, November 8th at 9pm for some Trivial Fun! at Bent-Con, located in the Burbank Marriott Convention Center!

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