Korea to pass a law making video games taxable similar to alcohol, tobacco and drugs

i0338203934Well this is new. It’s a sad day to see such a direct attack on the profit margins from video games by the government of a country which had arguably pioneered the eSports genre.
South Korea’s Ministry of Gender Equality and Family has been attacking gaming from different angles including a law called Shutdown, which makes teenagers unable to play games during 12 a.m to 6. a.m. The newest legislation would tax video games starting at 6%, the same as alcohol, drugs and tobacco.

Sadly, while I would argue that this is the worst occurrence since EA’s discovery of micro-transactions, something needs to be done. For those who haven’t been keeping up with Korean news, gaming has been getting somewhat… excessive for certain age groups. I love League, I believe it is one of the finest developed titles ever released in human history, but that territory comes with complications. Anything popular can become addictive in excess.
World of Warcraft along with other major MMOs have attempted to inform gamers on how much time they really spend in the digital world, but does anyone really care?

Personally, I love the timer messages since it is letting me know that I’ve been sitting in one spot for three or four hours, and it usually convinces me to get up and take a nice long break.


Do you guys think the Korean government is going about this the right way? Are lawmakers just as dated as their tactics to fight addiction? Somewhat. While this tactic does usually work with other addictive substances, I don’t believe they realize that League is absolutely free, and can be played to its full extent without a single transaction.


Source: Inven.co.kr

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