DW 50th: “The Day of the Doctor” new images and storyline!


BBC’s official Facebook has released four new images from Doctor Who’s The Day of the Doctor! They feature both the 10th (David Tennant) and 11th (Matt Smith) individually. in one of the photos, you see the 10th Doctor with Queen Elizabeth (Johanna Page) and you KNOW they had something going on (from previous episodes). You see 11 with a woman with the 4th Doctor’s scarf. Then a photo of 11 looking intense as usual… And a photo of 10 in what looks to be commanding Queen Elizabeth’s troops.

image image image

MirrorUK has revealed some of the plot for The Day of the Doctor: The Doctors will be working together in 2012 when something terrible has awaken in the London National Gallery and in 1562 during Elizabeth’s reign. Also, the whole unknown Doctor (John Hurt)  thing.

BBC stated they will be releasing the Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor trailer THIS Saturday! We will have it up!

Source: Mirror UK, BBC


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