Contest: Winner announced for The Conjuring Annabelle Doll

Conjuring Annabelle Doll

It’s time to announce the winner for the The Conjuring Annabelle Doll Giveaway Contest. You know, that one creepy-looking doll that’s possessed by a demon.

But first, here are the runner-ups:

“i’d possess a mint in the box action figure – nobody’s suspects you if you’re mint in the box”

Logan Hughes
“I would, without a doubt, possess that very Annabelle doll, and I would haunt whoever won this contest.”

Sheena McNutt
“I would possess a Transformers Decepticon toy. Then I would transform the toy back and forth, run at the kid, and just generally freak everyone out. The added bonus is that not only would the toy be haunted, but that everyone would think that Transformers are real and would be out trying to find an Autobot to take out the toy. Double win.”

I did enjoy the Transformers reference and the other entries, but I have to hand it to Guettel78 for coming up with the winning entry. Nobody would suspect a slinky to be deadly.

Winning Entry

“I’d choose a slinky, which would creep down stairs and around corners – and eventually around the necks of its unsuspecting victims. It’s fun, it’s a wonderful toy!”

Congrats to Guettel78. Please contact me via email by November 15, 2013, to claim your prize. You can find my email on the About Page. Check out our other contests on the Contests Page.

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