The Guided Fate Paradox review – A Gods work is never done

Poor Renya, he is just some unlucky high school student who is cursed with bad luck. One day he runs into a mysterious girl dressed in a maid uniform who asks if he has a ticket. He just so happens to have one on him, but he doesn’t want to spin the box since he thinks it would just be pointless. The young maid pesters him to spin the wheel and he finally does and wins.


His prize? Lilliel, an angel, tells him he has won the ultimate prize and will become God. As he think it is all a joke, she knocks him unconscious and takes to him to heaven. Once awaken Renya meets a cast of servants who are all angels and want Renya to grant wishes to the believers, however while he may be in heaven, each angel has their own agendas and hide a deep dark secret.

Renya’s job is to guide fates to be best outcome and help the believer achieve their wish. With the help of the Paradox Machine, wishes can be selected in order to train God based on his current abilities, however Renya doesn’t actually interact with the person, instead he meets an alternate version of them which he can talk to and get an idea of what they really want. By defeating the paradoxes (enemies that are trying to reject the wish), Renya can achieve the best outcome.

The Guided Fate Paradox uses a real-time Tactics engine which allows Renya to move freely through the random generated map. Every time he moves, the enemies also move. Planning your strategy plays a huge part, especially if you want to avoid getting surrounded. Renya is accompanied by an angel servant throughout most of the game. At first it is Lilliel, but later you can recruit the other cast of angels to help you.

The game has plenty of customization you can play with. The types of equipment you place on Renya or other angels will heavily affect how they look. In the above picture, Renya has tank wheels equipped to his legs, a drill on his left arm and a machine gun on his right. He is sporting a beard as a hat and wearing rocket launchers on his shoulders. As you proceed further in the game you collect literally hundreds of equipable items, which give you small stat boosts but also have unique abilities.

All of these play an important role for Renya. The more you use items, the more powerful they get. You can max their points, and once you max (burst) them you can upgrade them, giving it a few extra stats and making it stronger. Renya has an ace up his sleeve, he can max out his bar levels by defeating enemies, and once it maxes out he can easily wipe out a screen of enemies in one shot.

While it sucks that leveling up isn’t permanent, the game rewards you the more you return to a dungeon and complete challenges by giving you panel unlocks and panel bonuses. Aside from weapons Renya and the angels can access their panels anytime in the main menu in Celestia by completing dungeons. If you go back and redo them, you are awarded stat panels, which can raise your attack, defense, speed and accuracy.

The Good

The game is extremely challenging, especially since your level restarts to 1 every time you enter a dungeon. You’ll need the right equipment and have the right panel set ups to delve deeper and deeper.

It has a pretty unique cast of characters. You question a lot of the characters and you can easily like a few.

NIS America fans can rejoice as there are prinnies in the game to beat up. There are also a few Disgaea/Prinny-related equipment you can pick up like Fuuka’s Prinny hat and a Prinny Jet to move around. The shops in the game follow the normal NIS tradition of being the Rosenqueen store.

While it has that NIS feel, the character design was done by manga and game artist Noizi Ito, who also did character art of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Shakugan no Shana.

The Bad

This is a pretty tough game. One mistake or being underleveled and going deeper in a dungeon can mean a quick death. After all that time spending on collecting items and powering up equipment, it ends up being a waste if you respawn in heaven, including half your money.

The Guided Fate Paradox has a very bad inventory system. There are many items, and it’s so very hard to try to work with and organize everything. Later in the game it becomes transparent you may need more slots, and while it’s possible to achieve it, it requires the right item, skills and plenty of grinding to unlock more spots.

Final Thoughts

Action RPGs and tactics games are fun, but real time tactics games are in a league of their own since everything happens in real time. Learning to move and work around your enemies becomes a real key. One of Renya’s problems is that the more he walks and fights, the more he loses stamina and the more he needs to eat. There are items like apples you can use to replenish your stamina, but the balance in carrying weapons and items plays a huge part.

Deeper into the game you can customize everything from the color of your equipment to how your character will play. Your special partner you meet will allow you to store items you can equip anytime in battle without having the items in your personal inventory, but even that lasts only 20 turns. At least this game keeps you on your toes. While you might find yourself mad quite a bit, you won’t give up. I have already reset the game about 10 times to avoid losing all my favorite items.

It’s a well-designed game with some funny characters and tons of crazy moments. You’ll find yourself granting a wish for Cinderella and even a Zombie. The Guided Fate Paradox is a challenge amongst the gods, which is what you are.

Grade: B+

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