Wii Mini coming to US for $99


Seems like the Wii isn’t dead just yet. Originally released in Canada and Europe, the Wii Mini is coming to the US for $99. When originally released, Nintendo intended to have the Wii Mini only focus on the Wii, which has no backward compatibility, no SD card slot, and no internet connection. Now that the original Wii is no longer in production, this is a simple substitute for those still wanting a Wii at a reasonable price. Plus, the Wii Mini is being bundled with a copy of Mario Kart Wii, a great price for the console and a game.

I see myself picking up one of these, even though I have a Wii, it’s currently not with me. I don’t mind the missing features, seeing as I don’t have any Gamecube games and can use my PS3 for any internet features (like Netflix). I just want to enjoy some Wii games. $99 with a game is a great price, and seeing as I don’t have Mario Kart Wii, it’s a win win for me.

The Wii Mini hits stores November 17, 2013.

Inside the Wii Mini. From Nintendo.com

Inside the Wii Mini. From Nintendo.com

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