Get to playing or you’re fired! – Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby in 8-bit Land Review

Mordecai and Rigby hate work and love video games, so it’s only fair that they finally get to be in one. As usual, Benson gives the duo a job to do and instead of getting the work done they try to get away with doing something else. They find a package on the door containing a video game console and as they try to play it, they both get sucked inside the game.

While both Mordecai and Rigby are in the game together, you can only control one at a time. Even though they might have been sucked into 8-bit land, the only thing retro is the music and game inspiration. Mordecai has a double jump ability and Rigby can crawl in small places, which allows them to explore and reach different areas as they work together. You can defeat enemies by jumping on their head or collecting upgrades like the Death Kwon Do mullet to shoot powerful attacks with range, but that isn’t all they can do.

Mordecai and Rigby also have special abilities they can use in the specific to each stage. Mordecai can turn into a ship and fire lasers against enemies via Galaga; this ability allows him to fly through areas and take down enemies. Rigby can attach himself to certain paths and become a third person shooter via Contra which allows him to wield a gun and take out enemies. By learning to control both abilities and switch in and out, you can reach some tough areas and proceed a lot smoother if you plan on collecting the golden tapes hidden throughout the stages.

The Good

WayForward pulled inspiration from other 8-git generations and incorporated it into the game. Being fans themselves, you can see they took elements from games like Mario, Contra, and Galaga just to name a few. It fits well together and creates some fun things to try and places to explore.

Jake Kaufman does a great job with the music, as he has worked on other WayForward titles like Ducktales and can really bring some fun and catchy tunes. He did an amazing job on the Moon song in Ducktales as well as worlds 2 and 3 in the game.

Interesting bosses

You face only four bosses in the game and while not very hard, they can be pretty challenging though you can learn how to defeat them in a one hit KO. The final boss is very tricky, but a lot of fun to battle.

The Bad

Unfortunately, it’s a pretty short game featuring only 4 worlds with 4 stages each and a boss. Even with a few unlockables, you can beat the game in under two hours. There’s decent replay value once you complete the game. You can unlock a New Game plus mode which gives you stronger enemies and an actual timer, but it doesn’t really give you that want to play again like other games.

There’s a lack of any real story; while there is an intro and ending, you never really understand what really happened, how they got into the game and why….it just happened. I guess when told to do chores, you just want to play games.

Final Thoughts

Wayforward had fun with this game. The music is great, the gameplay is pretty solid and fun for casual gamers. Even advanced players who enjoy the old school games that had shooting like Contra, action like Mario or shmups like Galaga will enjoy this. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take full advantage of the Regular Show universe, quite a few of the characters you see in the series feel missing. The game kind of misses some fun and key elements that make the show that awesome, but it does well with what it has.

For $29.99, I would love to see some secret characters or more character cameos. For me, this is a game I would only play once and end up giving to a nephew or cousin who loves the series, so I think this might be more of a renter.

Grade: C+

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