Is Ben Affleck going to wear the Batman Noel suit for the Superman vs. Batman film?


Since we’re already getting a new actor (Ben Affleck) to play Batman in the Superman/Batman film, it makes sense for Batman to have a new suit as well. According to CBM, their intel claims that Batman’s suit in the upcoming movie will be based on the 2011 Batman: Noel graphic novel.


The Noel suit has smaller ears on the cowl, and it has a more angular design where the cape meets the Batman logo on the chest.

In other Batman news, Batman on Film has reported that the Batmobile is going for a more traditional look compared to Nolan’s Tumbler (I still thinks it looks like it was designed by a kid who just smashed a bunch of clay together). If you weren’t a fan of the look of the Tumbler, this should be somewhat promising news. The team working on the new Batmobile will be General Motors, the same company that helped Michael Bay by sponsoring their cars in the films.

The Superman/Batman film will hit theaters on July 17, 2015.

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