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It’s been a year since the end of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. The Dark Age of Law has arrived. After having his named cleared in court by Apollo, Phoenix Wright, the founder of the Wright Anything Agency, has decided to regain his attorney’s badge as well as hire a new member of the law firm. This new member, like Apollo, has a special ability which will help him in the battles to come.

The Story

The game begins after a huge disaster as the The Dark Age of Law has arisen. During a court case, a bomb goes off in courtroom 4 (luckily almost everyone was evacuated except for one unlucky person). The person charged with the bombing is a young girl, who happens to be best friends with Athena Cykes, a new employee of the Wright Anything Agency. She is fresh out of attorney school and has a special ability that lets her hear the true voice of a person and uses her mood matrix to get to the truth. Apollo was injured in the explosion and Phoenix has taken his place in court.

The game is pretty simple in terms of progression, as it is split into different parts in 2 days. It ‘s fixed around being in the courtroom and being in the field where you can interview everyone involved and investigate. In court you work with the evidence you have and press and find the inconsistencies in the stories. With Apollo’s bracelets, which allows you to know if someone’s lying, and Athena’s ability, which allows you to hear discord in a person’s voice, you’ll have some powerful tools to work with.

Dual Destinies is a heavy text-based game. The game has multiple stories where you will take control of either Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice or the newbie Athena Cykes. Your goal is to prove your client’s innocence by interviewing witnesses, the client and everyone else involved. Just like interviewing, investigations are a key factor in the game, making you search every inch of the crime scene for evidence or clues to help you understand what is really going.

The Good

The game has been given a complete new facelift. The previous games in the series reused so many sprites from previous games. Since the game was made for the 3DS, tons of changes were implemented all around, making the game quite enjoyable. The free DLC for costumes adds a little more flavor, especially for a more classic Phoenix Wright look. Anime cutscenes have also been added to the game with voice acting.

Phoenix Wright has always had some ridiculous and amusing characters, especially when you finally get them on edge. The new cast of characters in Dual Destinies keeps to the tradition.

The Bad

The game doesn’t have much replay value or a true challenge once you solve all the cases. While it’s not a deal breaker, the game is more of a one-time thing you come back to a few years later when you may have forgotten everything.

Since the game features three characters and has a limited amount of chapters, you don’t get to enjoy the character you want to play. I like Apollo and Athena, but if I could play as Phoenix in the whole game, I wouldn’t mind.

Final Thoughts

I have always found the Ace Attorney series to be one of those very unique games you can’t help but enjoy. This is a game that the team at Capcom can go completely out of the box, and they have created a game unlike anything else on the market.

I love being in a room full of friends or even at work with the mic options on, yelling at my 3DS XL and pointing at the sky yelling Objection! or Hold it! Everyone looks at me laughing.

Grade: B+

Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies is the first game in the series to include anime cutscene with voice acting, DLC chapters and costumes. Capcom has already announced that one DLC chapter won’t be making its way to the West.

Dual Destinies is available only as a downloadable title on the Nintendo 3DS eShop at the price of $29.99. While the game has no real replay value, it is worth playing for the new animations, story and challenge.

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