The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun voted ‘Sexy Man of the Week’

Walking Dead TWD2_GAL_Glenn_Portrait_024

I know that Steven Yeun is a popular guy on The Walking Dead series, but he is often eclipsed by the fan-favorite, Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon. This is why I find People Magazine’s vote for “Sexy Man of the Week” surprising. I’m still okay with the final vote though, since Steven Yeun’s Glenn is one of my favorite characters on the show. Here’s hoping he steps it up more, since he’s got a lot of people to care for in the upcoming season.

People Magazine on Yeun: “Sometimes the funny guy finishes last, but that’s not bad. You still finish!”

Also, Norman Reedus made an appearance on the Conan show and reveals that he’s gotten breast implants and how he’s the master of shooting dirty looks.

Source: People Magazine via AMC

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