Videogame BANG! #2: Spooktacular Halloween Super Show!

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Ghostly greetings, gamers! We have a Fang-tastic show for you this week. Please park your brooms at the door, because it’s our first ever Halloween-themed episode! Recently I asked a much respected member of the gaming world the secret to getting what the kids are calling ‘Hits’ on the podcast. He told me that one of the secrets is to create clever titles that grab the listener’s attention, and so was born the Videogame BANG! Spooktacular Halloween Super Show! Presented by Nerd Reactor. Next I was informed by my nine-year-old cousin that to be successful you need to ‘hashtag’ everything so we created a special hashtag for this week’s show. #VGBSHSSPBNR

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This week on the show I am joined by the usual suspects, my co-pilot Aaron Carter, first mate Steven Guttierrez, and of course our classy wench Laura Rodriguez. We cover all of the horror surrounding some of the controversies of the PS4 launch along with the new content restrictions that have risen to the surface. We talk about the display resolutions of the new Call of Duty: Ghosts, and why it matters. If that wasn’t enough, we do Whattcha Playin’?!, and Aaron gripes about the X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer.

After the break we are joined by the winner of our Twitter trivia retweet challenge and gaming vlogger from Under-Inspired games: Ryan Sheppard. He goes toe-to-toe against our panel of VGB nerds in hopes to win a very special prize! After a hard-fought competition, the crew cools down with a Top-10 list, brought to us by our favorite list maker and dear friend of the program, James Hawkins.

Thanks again for choosing Videogame BANG! Be prepared to have your pants scared off, in the most sexual way possible, and remember all week to tweet us using #VGBSHSSPBNR and @VideoGameBang and @NerdReactor.

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