Rumor: Blizzard files trademark for ‘Warlords of Draenor’; World of Warcraft expansion

November 1, 2013 – Blizzard has trademarked the title: “Warlords of Draenor”. This comes one month after the registration of Is it possible that this is an expansion planned for Hearthstone? Maybe. More than likely this is indeed the name of the next World of Warcraft expansion (Although in my opinion this is fake).


While I have good reason to believe that this is fake, it’s odd that a large corporation like Blizzard would file for copyright well before even sharing the information internally. But let’s speculate a bit.

Potentially this expansion would explore Grom Hellscream, and the many worlds which Burning Crusade never managed to present. Other than this, not much else is known. A post on MMO-Champion suggests a few “Loose lipped” Blizzard employees have divulged information such as:

  • The upcoming expansion is called Warlords of Draenor and will feature Grom as the antagonist, although for legal issues he will be refereed to as Grommash. This expansion will see the heavy use of time travel.
  • Reforging is changing, soon you will no longer need to keep hold of an item to “own” the transmogrification appearance.
  • The upcoming Blizzcon secret gift is an Elite Tauren Chieftan Hearthstone gift card.
  • The Dark Below has been registered for ‘Titan’, not World of Warcraft as is the rumor.

Considering this information came out a day before the trademark, it seems somewhat plausible. Will we see the resurrection of Outlands? Will we have to battle against the full might of Kil’Jaedan? In two weeks, we’ll find out. Blizzcon approaches!

Source: Wowhead, MMO-Champion

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